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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Jews Owe Leni Riefenstahl An Apology

The Jews Owe Leni Riefenstahl An Apology "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities" Voltaire

After WWII, the Nazi hunters tracked Leni Riefenstahl down and charged her for crimes against humanity. Even though she was never convicted, she was treated as a common Nazi. All's she ever wanted to do was be an professional photographer artist.


Since history began, the jews have been instrumental in tearing down a woman's reputation without her ever having recourse. But, Leni did. Leni Riefenstahl, at 90-100 years made the world see that she did not condone the Nazi party.

Leni Riefenstahl could have been punished by the Nazi's because of the Nazi perspective of an Aryan Superiority race.  Leni was very good friend with the African Numa Tribe.

At 101 years old she still scuba dived in some of the most dangerous waters capturing the most incredible photographs. She loved her art and she was so blinded by her art, she did not fully understand the implements of it. What was she to do in the country she loved. Was she to hide Jews? Was she to smuggle them out? Was she to protect them? Was she to resist Hitler's actions? As a maniacally hardworking planner of her destiny, was she to give away all her money so she could earn her way to Yad Vashem-The Righteous Among the Nations?

Go to your nearest library and check out out for free.

She lived to be 101 years old. And, Leni Riefenstahl vindicated and defended herself from how the Jews tore her up; tearing up her reputation. Leni started out as an independent actress performing in Greenland climbing the highest mountains in the arctic circle, bearing the freeze, risking her life to do activities unheard of today. She earned her awards and invested it wisely doing what she loved to do: photograph. Leni Riefenstahl's story is more than motivating for women. It is also as disturbing that she should suffer the consequences of defamation.

Why did Hitler hate the Jews?

I know personally because I have had intimate relations with the Jews and can name more than several Jews who have caused economical pain and suffering through their curses. Not only one Jew but a handful: Randy Bowman, Elton Kantor, Kem Kantor, Alan Lazar, Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, Lori Finkel, Rori and Renald Cosma and my sons, Nicholas and Matthew who the Jews caused for them to believe the criminal slander and lies.

JFK praises Adolf Hitler  .


The Jews owe Leni Riefenstahl an apology but they will never apologize because the Jews are arogant filth and vermin, something that needs to be eradicated.

After you review her testimony, listen to John Lennon's, Woman is the Niger of the World

In my experience, several Jews have been the leading cause of my demise. Indirectly, they have been responsible for ordering, inter alia, arbitrary arrests, prosecutorial misconduct, torture, harassment, confiscation of real and personal property. Most all actions violating my federal and state rights. 

District courts dismissed all of the claims so no one would be held accountable and the pattern of abuse would continue. As a result, they intended/intend to cause me financial exploitation; wrongfully taking and/or threatening to take assets, funds, or property; misappropriating, misusing money and failing to use the income and assets effectively for my benefit. 

They have threatened significant physical and emotional harm through the use of derogatory and inappropriate names, insults, verbal assaults, profanity, and ridicule, harassment, coercion, punishment, deprivation, threats, implied threats, intimidation, humiliation, mental cruelty, and inappropriate sexual comments; threats to withhold services. 

They have supported gestured communication, emotional harm includes anguish, distress, fear using law enforcement; affidavits containing unsubstantiated conclusions and imprecise accusations resulting from multiple civil and human right violations. 

Federal courts have thrown out all of my §1983 claims because I am a woman. They knowingly and willfully conspired to injure, oppress, threaten, and intimidate me in the free exercise and enjoyment of the rights and privileges secured to me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, that is, the right to be free from involuntary servitude secured by the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, all in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 241.

From Jewish law enforcement to Federal judges, I have been abandoned and ostracized and to this moment continue to live among people not of my peers. For what? Because a police officer found a crunched up piece of paper, a merry christmas balloon, a sea shell, and other insignificant items in front of her house. AS G-D IS MY WITNESS! For this they took my children and have left me to die. 

It wasn't just one bad incident of Jews. It has been Randy Bowman, Elton Kantor, Kem Kantor, Alan Lazar, Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, Lori Finkel. It has been Jewish agencies, the ACLU, and thousands of others who have ignored my cries. It has been my own brothers, Rori and Renald Cosma. It has been my own sons, Nicholas and Matthew who were told such heinous defamation of character that they have been told to stay away. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So Long My Dear Friend

Please join us as we celebrate life.
Bring your memories of Bill along with you and
a dish for the potluck being held at the
Klamath County Fairgrounds on
April 3, 2010 from 3:00 pm-5:30 pm.

I never knew Bill Steppe in his hay day when he was a young cowboy roper, etc... but at a time in my life when I needed an elderly mentor. To me, he was a proper young man all guys should look up to as a role model gentleman. He never cursed, chewed, spit, or smoked tobacco and made a place of business to discuss his invention plans. His adoration as a scientist is what fascinated me most about him. His quest for business entrepeneurship never ceased.

As a woman from a long lost scientist family, he consoled me with his imagination and his tinkerings. No doubt, Bill had the luck blessed upon him from G-d. And, he knew it. Whenever I'd get marooned, I could call him and his pure presence would fix whatever it was I was tinkering on.

We became good buddies in his latter years and I was proud to know him. He reached out to everybody and gave the down trodden a chance to earn a little money. His mode of supervising people created an environment that made people like me beg for projects to do just to learn from him. He praised everyone's work when deserved which made it easier to fulfill the task.

Bill inspired me. He lived life to the fullest and remained active until the very end. And, if it was up to me I was going to make sure he did. His love for Billy Bob, his horse, showed the compassionate side of his love for nature and ranching work. And, he rode with me up until the summer of 2009.

In my isolated world, he was the last of the Mohicans. They just don't make them the way the use to. It was a privilege and a cherished opportunity to serve Bill: A gentleman of the most honorable, he will surely be missed. Much condolences to his family. Rest in peace, my dear buddy, and may we again meet in the tinkering world. Kini

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Desperately Wanted To Be One

I often wondered why, back in the 60's, the police were called "Pigs". After all they did not resemble pigs. They did not have square noses or curly tails. What made the revolutionists call the police "pigs"? Well, for what ever reason, I enjoyed the fact that the police "conquered crime", were the "hero's" of today. And, I wanted to be one, desperately.

I often thought about the glory and the prestige of saving one's life. A police officer is what I wanted to be when I grew up!

But, today, being an associate in the science of the Administration of Justice, I now know why the revolutionists called the police "pigs". It is not because the first letter of the alphabet begins with "P" but it is because they take and take and take. They take your whole soul. Well, some people will say, "Only Jesus can take your soul!" And, "They can only take your soul if you let them!" But, it is just as well because those "Christians" are the ones that help the police take your soul. The more you try to straighten out your life, the more they take. They take relentlessly with no end in sight.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Must We Break A Woman Down...

When will we recognize what is happening to the underprivileged who are being trafficked in the United States today?

When will we have the courage to care?

Must we continue to break a woman down so that a woman can no longer perform useful work because she had dreams and hopes one can reasonably expect of life?

How long should we continue to beat her into submission by verbal abuse and through the use of other repressive tactics?

Is it more humane to rob her of a family at any costs and discard her on the street?

Is it more economical to continue to use psychological warfare and banter a woman with insanity to undermine her qualities?

Shall we render her credibility useless, instead of being held accountable to pay out damages?

Should we use verbal abuse to make the woman feel inferior hoping she will submit to the whims of strange men?

After one of the many ‘selections’ take place, what will our life expectancy be worth? We may as well bring back the gas chambers.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Animal Assault and Our Local News Media

Several stories were written at our local news media Herald and News on December 28, 2007. Most, I felt were unbelievable.

Thank goodness, (And, it sure must be alot) a reader wrote on January 4, 2008 and was published by
Herald and News about the poor judgment shown with the story and how it was written.

Blasted by this response shows gratitude by the Herald and News: that if we are wrong, please put us in our places.

Unfortunately, in my rage, here is my response to
Poor Judgment Shown With Story: I think the Herald and News has been looking at my website too much at

Not only are the News Media seeking a competitive edge with other media, but obviously we are forgetting the values of right and wrong. We are beginning to have reprobate minds. Also, if you noticed this same issue was soliciting donations for the police dog association. So, donate. We need more funding to teach the Gestapo how to manage control of these sexual deviants.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Zodiac Killer Finally Retires

If you don't believe me, just check out:


then check out how he got a woman ransacked by the U.S. Government that includes a grand theft larceny of her rightful trust estate for $100k. (Every legal law, moral turpitude, and biblical moral was violated.) The U.S. Government used fear tactics and demoralized her so that she would have to service American men. If you don't belive me, just check out where this woman has managed to upload evidence.

The Zodiac Killer Finally Retires